Irina Proskurina, CEO

Irina Proskurina, CEO

I am the CEO and founder of E-PR online, a public relations and digital marketing agency focused on developing personal brand and business strategy for clients in any sector.

Our services allow companies to grow their brand essence, increase engagement with their target audience, capitalize on SEO and carve a unique space in their market.

I started my career with an MBA in Business Marketing, working with top name brands and key industry leaders to boost their sales through YouTube marketing and targeting, Google advertising and professional copywriting.

I have built trust with an array of top media partners for the agency, allowing my clients and their brands— from all over the globe— to harness a necessary media presence in a world where virtual engagement is everything.

My network includes high profile political figures, celebrities, artists and renowned business leaders, bloggers and influencers, allowing my agency to consistently not only challenge itself but also meet the challenge head-on.